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Centro Explorativo

The Centro Explorativo is an afterschool program located in the small town of La Pista, Guatemala.  The center supports children ages 4 to 12 with afterschool activities that reinforce concepts the children learn in school and provides the chance to expand their intellectual horizons. 

Students are provided with the opportunity to engage in critical thinking activities and are able to take advantage of previously unavailable resources like a library and computer cluster. In addition, the Centro Explorativo provides students with healthy snacks and reinforces healthy eating habits.

Your purchase will help directly fund the afterschool instruction that more than 250 students receive at the Centro Explorativo.  The La Pista region was once decimated by the Guatemalan civil war and currently has one of the higher poverty rates in the Americas. However, with your help, these children will be better prepared and more able to help their families reach a more prosperous future.

Another way to help the Centro Explorativo provide the opportunity of an enriching learning environment for rural Guatemalan Children is to donate directly to the cause: