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We are a group of Duke University students who, during the summer of 2009, worked in Guatemala with Soluciones Comunitarias through our DukeEngage program. We traversed the country helping women entrepreneurs and consulting for various small businesses and organizations. One weaving cooperative, Lema, stood out above the rest in terms of the quality of its goods and its dream for expansion. This group of women, above all others, helped inspire us to continue development and consulting work when we returned to school.

Our mission is simple.

While working with a number of organizations and witnessing the widespread poverty and daily hardship of many Guatemalans, we realized that most groups were missing one major piece of the puzzle: they lacked the opportunities they needed to succeed and expand. Our goal is to address this lack of opportunity by facilitating smart expansion by helping move the artisan goods of these small communities into the global market. By simply using the resources available to us, we can help improve the standard of living and the quality of life of these Guatemalan laborers. 

Though we currently operate out of our dorm rooms in Durham, North Carolina, we have actively pursued partnerships with established non-profit organizations in Central America that help facilitate our transactions. In turn, we are committed to support their good works and services with a large portion of all our sales.

While we are currently only working with two cooperatives, we are constantly looking to expand our product line and reach. In the future, we hope to offer more artisan goods, including ceramics, blown glass, and apparel and connect with new organizations across the Americas and beyond.

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(404) 580-9472

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